Moon phases rotating kinect light installation

[#define Moon_ ] consists of 9 rotating kinect light installations. It presents different postures of moon shape, exerting new sense experiences. The audience is allowed to explore through various ways of looking and bring curiosity to the installation by watching from different angles. By thinking of the science spirit, once again, viewer can define and understand the concept of this work of their own.

Electronic university interactive presentation

A panoramic projection screen controlled from multi-touch holographic platform. Using the futuristic multi-touch interface the presenter could scroll through sections to choose one he wants to speak about. With a fast hand gesture he would then throw the section's icon to the big screen where it would transform into a colorful video about the main features of the system. Technologies used: Unity3d, C#, Scaleform, Flash, AS3.

LITHO is the input device for the real world

Gesture based sensors like this enable the future of how we will be interacting on a daily basis. This product focuses on leveraging AR (Augmented Reality) to show the possibilities but these types of sensors will surpass the reliance of screens. LITHO itself is a small finger-worn controller that connects to your smartphone or headset. The controller has a touch surface on the underside, an array of motion sensors and provides haptic feedback.

3D Design with Virtual Reality

This looks fun, entertaining, and where we will end up with 3D design tools. But the reality of standing for days at a time to create 3D designs tires me.

Car designers at Ford are using Gravity Sketch - a 3D virtual reality tool - to help speed up the vehicle design process. “This application has the potential to help ensure we are delivering the very best vehicle designs for our customers,” comments Smith. “It moves the entire process into the world of virtual reality, giving us greater options for reviewing more models in the 3D environment to create the best possible vehicles.”

McLaren Automotive works with software start-up, Vector Suite, to fast-track sportscar and supercar design

Immersive creativity a Vision for Future of Design

Some inspiration for designers and a reminder of how quickly the world and the way we work is evolving.

Dell, Nike, Meta and Ultrahaptics push the boundaries on immersive creativity. Today, we can deliver a more natural creative canvas so designers can focus on their vision – not the technology itself. Dell Canvas is the precursor to a future that will use VR, AR, voice control, a digital canvas and haptic technology (recreating the sense of touch) all working together to let people create in more natural ways.

Print and Projection Storytelling

Screen-printed illustrations spring to life when touched, as conductive ink triggers a host of playful digital animations – a mix of informative and charming content, from product information to brand stories to chasing ducks.

Pushing the boundaries of storytelling within a space, the installation makes it fun and engaging, putting ideas before hardware.

A total of 48 interactions and over 100 unique animations make up the broad spectrum of content on the stand, from simple sound toys to more complex exchanges that layer projection mapping and movement around a physical space.

Data Sculptures through machine learning algorithms

This is truly amazing work. It’s also scary if you look at this through a different lens. The lens of the human looking at the living machine. Artist Refik Anadol employed machine learning algorithms to search and sort relations among 1,700,000 documents. Interactions of the multidimensional data found in the archives are, in turn, translated into an immersive media installation. More at

Accumulation Installation

Installed new artwork "Accumulation" at the main gate of Le Meridien Seoul "Accumulation" symbolizes the history from Ritz Carlton Seoul to Le Meridien Seoul. The LED light tunnel expresses the accumulation of time. The composition of the frames concretes continuity and shows the locational context. "Accumulation" has six sequences and each movie has the original theme like "Rise", "Flow", Accumulation", "Dimension", "Light" and "Overlap".

Clink interactive audiovisual installation

ClinK blends science and art, incorporating the tangible with the more cryptic physical properties of our world – like the way we interact with sound, light and space. The large interactive audiovisual installation consisting of 30 speakers in a handcrafted dome construction with 360° projection enables its visitors to explore modulations and movements of sounds and visual objects by simply moving their bodies. Each person is, for a brief moment, the architect of their own tiny universe.

Future of Vehicle Displays and Dashboards

Vehicle dashboard displays are a fascination of mine. The future is wide open with possibilities.


Immersive boarding environment

Projet créé dans le cadre du cours EDM4606 - Environnements immersifs et interactivité de l'UQAM. Project created for class EDM4606 - Immersive environments and interactivity at UQAM. Fait avec/Made with: Touch Designer Max-MSP Par/Made by: Mathieu Désilets, Salim Lounis et Jean-Claude Macena Remerciements/Thanks to: Jean-François Renaud Patrice Coulombe Abderrahman Ourahou

Epicenter Disappear in a Forest of Lights

"The viewer enters into a totally immersive and unfamiliar dark space. His feelings are tuned.... he is trying to understand what is waiting for him, but the picture of the world is changing with light and sound. He has experienced this before... in the night forest " © SilaSveta
"You are not enjoying a piece of art, you are not being entertained by a big-scale installation and are not watching a light show. You are an unwanted witness of an unknown lighting phenomena. You are in the epicenter”

Project Soli touchless interactions

Project Soli is using radar to enable new types of touchless interactions -- one where the human hand becomes a natural, intuitive interface for our devices. The Soli sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale, and can be used inside even small wearable devices.


An LED Thunderstom Rages Inside A Glass House

Sachwitz describes the exhibtion as "an interaction between light and darkness, black and white, shadows and contrast and this is all inspired by nature" featuring two pieces: HERE NOW from the famous Irish artist Maser and the piece INSIDEOUT from Leigh Sachwitz herself. This year's kick off exhibition is intimate and promotes contrast through placing both pieces directly next to each other. If you happen to be in the Hanseatic city and have missed the opening event, we would like to invite you to visit this visual journey.

Artist Manipulates a Universe of Light and Sound with a Single Balloon

SIX DRAWINGS is a short instrumental audiovisual performance where a percussionist uses an amplified balloon as an audiovisual instrument. With a contact microphone and a MIDI pedal for effect, the performer explores different techniques to generate sounds (grinding, strokes, bubbles or breathing) and visuals in order to create a unique audiovisual composition. Sound reactive generative visuals (gives the illusion the public to be inside the instrument, inside the baloon.