Friction Laser & Sound Interactive Installation

Laser & Sound Interactive Installation. Friction is a audiovisual instrument, where the audience is able to manipulate sound and visuals with hand gestures. It is composed by a structure of two frames where two face-to-face laser beams create tri-dimensional shapes.

Moon phases rotating kinect light installation

[#define Moon_ ] consists of 9 rotating kinect light installations. It presents different postures of moon shape, exerting new sense experiences. The audience is allowed to explore through various ways of looking and bring curiosity to the installation by watching from different angles. By thinking of the science spirit, once again, viewer can define and understand the concept of this work of their own.

Telestron, an immersive lighting experience and installation

As a lover and creator of interactive light installations the opening of Telestron did not disappoint. Forward thinking, experiential, but a symbolic glimpse into our future. The dark symbolism you realize in the moment as you watch two robots, interact with each other and the crowd. Shining light directly into the crowd as if to almost judge humans as we all looked up to what is going to be our future.

Show currently on display in DTLA.

Nervous Structure interactive installation

Notional Field is an interactive installation that consists of a wall-mounted sculpture containing hundreds of vertical and parallel lines made of elastic cord that are projected upon with a computer-generated, interactive animation of a similar number of lines. The motion of these projected lines is ruled by a simulation, which makes them act like soft ropes, and said motion is influenced by a viewer’s movements as interpreted by a computer that surveys the scene through a video camera. Thus, the physical gestures of the participant are translated into virtual forces that affect the computer-generated lines, while the physical strings of the sculpture remain motionless. The piece revolves around the idea of interface, which is interpreted as the point of contact between two different entities, and is displayed in the work in several ways: between the viewer and the piece (a human/computer interface); between the real and the virtual (the physical structure and its relationship with the projected structure); between the foreground and the background (as the projection interferes with the sculpture).

Infinity Mirror Surface to Infinity

"Infinite surface to infinity" Stand for the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) in the ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) deploys its activity in more than 30 countries through its Technical Cooperation Offices, Cultural Centres and Training Centres.

360 Degree Sound and Light Installation

TALK - Atomium ( April to November 2016 ) Sound and light installation for the Atomium expo in Brussels with an orignal music composition of Thomas Vaquié "Each person who discovers and explores the TALK project will be immersed in a grandiose, colorful and sonic artistic experiment, and will be the witness, from inside, of a sonic and visual maelstrom symbolizing the never-ending evolution of always diverging but always communicating electronic systems." (Stéphane Beauverger) 360° compositing Benjamin Cavillac

Ascent light sculpture

Using nature as a basis for aesthetic, Ascent is an interactive installation that both blurs and highlights its surroundings. A mesmerising sight of smooth lines and soft light, the sculpture creates a harmonious relationship between human aesthetic and natural landscape. Intimately connecting it to its site, Nocte’s abstract reinterpretation of the mountainous backdrop was the visual focus of The North Face NightRay Fest. In collaboration with Octagon, we were able to connect with likeminded individuals. Attendees tweeting #neverstopexploring were invited to interact with and influence the behaviour of the geometric visual.

Dancing Cubes Signal Festival LED Light Sculpture

Lit glass cubes will set the National Theatre's piazzetta at the 2015 Signal Festival on 15th - 18th October. The creation of the "DANCING CUBES" installation for the 3rd year of the Signal Festival has followed on from other work by the studio VACEK & SMID undertaken for PRECIOSA ORNELA. The glass light silhouettes of the moving cubes have been created from glass pressing rods from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass brand.

Epicenter Disappear in a Forest of Lights

"The viewer enters into a totally immersive and unfamiliar dark space. His feelings are tuned.... he is trying to understand what is waiting for him, but the picture of the world is changing with light and sound. He has experienced this before... in the night forest " © SilaSveta
"You are not enjoying a piece of art, you are not being entertained by a big-scale installation and are not watching a light show. You are an unwanted witness of an unknown lighting phenomena. You are in the epicenter”

An LED Thunderstom Rages Inside A Glass House

Sachwitz describes the exhibtion as "an interaction between light and darkness, black and white, shadows and contrast and this is all inspired by nature" featuring two pieces: HERE NOW from the famous Irish artist Maser and the piece INSIDEOUT from Leigh Sachwitz herself. This year's kick off exhibition is intimate and promotes contrast through placing both pieces directly next to each other. If you happen to be in the Hanseatic city and have missed the opening event, we would like to invite you to visit this visual journey.

Interactive installation synchronized with sound and silhouettes

WIDE/SIDE exhibition at GNRation gallery João Martinho Moura. WIDE / SIDE, which represents the body, inter-connected, whose silhouette is captured by sensors, promoting immersive experiences, using fast light beams projected in a number of vertical bars that form a kinetic sculpture prepared specifically for GNRation Gallery space. The body is represented digitally in an abstract space and generatively changed in time. The interaction is synchronized with sound atmospheres, which react to the lines generated by the silhouettes, and their movement.

Museum of Energy Mechanical Surface A/V Performance

This project represents the motion of energy, rebirth of the Santral Energy Museum by 3D Video Mapping Techniques. Museum of Energy The Silahtarağa Power Plant's first two engine rooms, built in 1913 and 1921 respectively, were reinforced and converted into the santralistanbul Museum of Energy, retaining as many original elements as possible. The first step in the power plant’s conversion to Museum of Energy was to halt the corrosion of the turbine generators and other machinery which had set in as a result of disuse since the plant’s decommissioning in 1983. Teams of experts moved in to clean up the machinery and apply a protective anti-corrosion sealant. Thereafter, the number one turbine generator group was restored to its original appearance of 1931. Meanwhile, the number three turbine generator group, which had been dismantled when production stopped at the plant, was preserved exactly as left. In the Museum of Energy's number one and two Engine Rooms, visitors currently have the chance to see the AEG, Brown Boveri, Siemens and Thomson Houston made turbine generator groups. These were the key components of electricity generation at the Silahtarağa Power Plant and reflect the advanced technology of the age.

The Field of Hope immersive lighting installation

“The Field of Hope” is an immersive lighting installation of 2015 Milan EXPO China Pavilion. It is designed by Tsinghua University team led by new media artist Danqing Shi. Consisted with 30,000 metal “straws”, this “field” covers the whole exhibition area and merges with the architecture. Each straw has an LED tip with a diffuser functioning as one 3-dimensional pixel. Viewing from above those pixels form a large motion images floating on top of a wheat field. “The Field of Hope” provides visitors two perspectives to experience: 1. First person perspective: a descending slop at the entrance leads visitor to gradually merge into the “field”, as visitors going down, the relative heights of the plants grow up representing the season changes. While visiting the exhibition items embedded in the field, visitors may wonder why the light straw tips blink different colors. 2. Third Person perspective: visitors then walk up through an ascending ramp to the panorama platform at the second floor. With a broad view of the field from above, the blinking pixels now can be recognized together as one entire image rendering China’s diverse landscapes and an abstract expression of different forms of farm field.

Sydney Opera House Projection-Mapped Cartoons

A global animation project by Universal Everything, collaborating with over 20 different animation studios worldwide to create a living mural on one of the world’s most iconic buildings. Embracing emerging technologies, Universal Everything’s process always starts from drawing. The hand drawn techniques seen in this film are akin to the early pioneers of animation Len Lye, Norman McLaren and Walt Disney. Using these timeless techniques mean this film could have been existed in 1920, albeit with a 21st century twist - bringing our influences of global pop culture, modernist graphics and physics simulations into a playful exploration of this iconic building.