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As a creative one of the most inspiring things to do is travel. Every trip I take I get so much inspiration from local cultures, articians, food, and overall how every country is so different. Over the past few years I began documenting my travels and establishing a love for videography. This love for videography has formed into a true passion and enjoyment for showing others the world through my eyes.

I started 1 Minute Travel as a way to create high quality video content for businesses around the world. I have one focus when creating this content:

  • Create videos that give others a real perspective into locations.

  • Create videos that businesses can use on there network such as IGTV or Youtube.

  • Create videos no longer then 1 minute for short attention spans.

  • Create videos that can drive business showcasing locations travelers want to visit.

What is 1 Minute Travel

1 Minute Travel Videos.
Creating high quality focused content showcasing businesses to help drive customer acquisition.

Videos made for the worlds most well known travel companies to leverage on social media and online. We have a wide range of services including: Videography + Photography + Drone Footage + Marketing + Business Development

1 Minute Travel Videos