Firefly Drone Shows

We are just now beginning to see the possibilities of orchestrated drone swarms and how they can be used for entertainment. In the not too distant future firework shows in American will be replaced with organized drone shows and halftime shows at the Super Bowl will showcase a synchronized display of visuals that align with the entertainment.

Demo Digital Graffiti Wall

Tangible a talented Vancouver-based art and design studio dedicated to creating experiences and products created this digital graffiti demo. I love tooling interfaces so each time I see one of these graffiti demos in a different format I share them mostly for my own bookmarking purposes. Building tooling interfaces that empower users is probably one of the only reasons I continue my career in technology.

Friction Laser & Sound Interactive Installation

Laser & Sound Interactive Installation. Friction is a audiovisual instrument, where the audience is able to manipulate sound and visuals with hand gestures. It is composed by a structure of two frames where two face-to-face laser beams create tri-dimensional shapes.

Constellations Geometric Light Projection

CONSTELLATIONS Audio visual installation for public spaces, produced by Studio Joanie Lemercier.

Moon phases rotating kinect light installation

[#define Moon_ ] consists of 9 rotating kinect light installations. It presents different postures of moon shape, exerting new sense experiences. The audience is allowed to explore through various ways of looking and bring curiosity to the installation by watching from different angles. By thinking of the science spirit, once again, viewer can define and understand the concept of this work of their own.

Electronic university interactive presentation

A panoramic projection screen controlled from multi-touch holographic platform. Using the futuristic multi-touch interface the presenter could scroll through sections to choose one he wants to speak about. With a fast hand gesture he would then throw the section's icon to the big screen where it would transform into a colorful video about the main features of the system. Technologies used: Unity3d, C#, Scaleform, Flash, AS3.

VR Shopping Inspiration

A project I worked on last year focused on what physical shopping experiences would look like in the coming years leveraging technologies such as AR, VR, etc. These videos highlight some experiences we can expect.

Computer Vision and Tesla Hardware

Over the past few years, computer vision has excelled in popularity due to its machine learning capabilities. We are just now starting to scrape the surface of it’s potential and as hardware and chips advance so do the capabilities of AI and computer recognition.

This Tesla Full Self-Driving Hardware video gives a great view of one of the essential use cases of this technology and its amazing possibilities. Note the speed and distance of some of the objects it is still able to recognize as it progresses, truly amazing.

I’m creating a computer vision documentation center filled with research and prototypes I have created the past few years that will hopefully educate and spark interest from others interested in the space.

Image displaying an autonomous retail computer vision prototype I designed and coded.

Image displaying an autonomous retail computer vision prototype I designed and coded.

HoloLens immersive mixed reality experience

About two years ago I led a team researching deep into the field of AR and VR. Simple focus was how we could apply it into enterprise supply chains. I love seeing Microsoft and Google pushing these concepts forward leading us away from desktop computers and into headset focused interactions.

HoloLens 2 offers the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available, with industry-leading solutions that deliver value in minutes-all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of cloud and AI services from Microsoft. Discover more: For audio description version:

Telestron, an immersive lighting experience and installation

As a lover and creator of interactive light installations the opening of Telestron did not disappoint. Forward thinking, experiential, but a symbolic glimpse into our future. The dark symbolism you realize in the moment as you watch two robots, interact with each other and the crowd. Shining light directly into the crowd as if to almost judge humans as we all looked up to what is going to be our future.

Show currently on display in DTLA.

Collaborate from Anywhere in AR

Remote collaboration tools can’t come fast enough, and these tools will be a massive benefit for every aspect of a venture lifecycle. Spatial uses the space around you to create a shareable augmented workplace. Remote users can collaborate, search, brainstorm and share content as if they were in the same room.

LITHO is the input device for the real world

Gesture based sensors like this enable the future of how we will be interacting on a daily basis. This product focuses on leveraging AR (Augmented Reality) to show the possibilities but these types of sensors will surpass the reliance of screens. LITHO itself is a small finger-worn controller that connects to your smartphone or headset. The controller has a touch surface on the underside, an array of motion sensors and provides haptic feedback.

Firefox Reality

Will VR turn the internet upside down? Such an interesting statement and one as a designer and developer could become a reality. Limitations are on hardware distribution but if those are not the limitation are VR browsers the norm.

Firefox Reality is a fast and secure browser from Mozilla that is designed for browsing the open web in Virtual Reality. We have collaborated with content creators from around the globe to provide easy access to amazing VR experiences that can be enjoyed directly from Firefox Reality. Currently Available for Viveport, Oculus Go, and Google Daydream.

3D Design with Virtual Reality

This looks fun, entertaining, and where we will end up with 3D design tools. But the reality of standing for days at a time to create 3D designs tires me.

Car designers at Ford are using Gravity Sketch - a 3D virtual reality tool - to help speed up the vehicle design process. “This application has the potential to help ensure we are delivering the very best vehicle designs for our customers,” comments Smith. “It moves the entire process into the world of virtual reality, giving us greater options for reviewing more models in the 3D environment to create the best possible vehicles.”

McLaren Automotive works with software start-up, Vector Suite, to fast-track sportscar and supercar design

Immersive creativity a Vision for Future of Design

Some inspiration for designers and a reminder of how quickly the world and the way we work is evolving.

Dell, Nike, Meta and Ultrahaptics push the boundaries on immersive creativity. Today, we can deliver a more natural creative canvas so designers can focus on their vision – not the technology itself. Dell Canvas is the precursor to a future that will use VR, AR, voice control, a digital canvas and haptic technology (recreating the sense of touch) all working together to let people create in more natural ways.

AR Advertising Inspiration

As devices continue to improve technology is enabling AR and VR to become more consumable. Over the past few years I have experimented with AR and VR possibilities and the potential is huge especially in the advertising space. In this post I wanted to inspire a few studies on how these technologies could be applied.

Below are a few tools that can help designers or developers get jump started into the AR space.

Designing for Augmented Reality

A Quick Guide to Designing for Augmented Reality on Mobile (Part 1)

Unleash Your Design Skills in AR Using Torch, Sketch, and InVision

Manus industrial robots

The 30 second mark is quite interesting and odd how the robots move the way they do when humans are walking bye. Manus is a set of ten industrial robots that are programmed to behave like a pack of animals. While each robot moves independently, they share the same central brain. So instead of acting in isolation, they have intertwined behaviors that ripple through the group as people walk by.

Future Interface Experiences

Projection Restaurant of the Future